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LAST MODIFIED: 27 February 2024

This website (“Our Site”) uses Cookies and similar technologies to distinguish you from other users. By using Cookies, we can provide you with a better experience and to improve Our Site by better understanding how you use it. Please read this Cookie Policy carefully and ensure that you understand it. Your acceptance of Our Cookie Policy is deemed to occur if you continue using Our Site. If you do not agree to Our Cookie Policy, please stop using Our Site immediately.

What Are Cookies

  • In accordance with standard procedure for most professional websites, this site utilizes cookies. Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your computer to enhance your browsing experience. This page will outline the information collected through these cookies, the purpose of their use, and the reasons for their storage. However, we will also provide information on how to prevent the storage of these cookies, though this may cause some parts of the site’s functionality to degrade or not work properly.

How We Use Cookies

  • We utilize cookies for various reasons as outlined below. Unfortunately, there are no universally accepted methods to disable cookies without completely disabling the features and functionality they bring to our website. We advise that you keep all cookies activated if you are unsure about their purpose as they may be necessary for providing services that you utilize.

Disabling Cookies

  • Preventing the setting of cookies is possible by adjusting the settings on your browser. Consult your browser’s Help section for instructions on how to do this. Please note that disabling cookies will impact the functionality of this website as well as many others that you may visit. Generated by This can result in the disabling of certain features and functionality on this site. It is advised to not disable cookies for the best user experience.

The Cookies We Set

Cookies related to accounts

  • By creating an account with us, you agree that we will utilize cookies for the purpose of managing the registration process and overall administration. Typically, these cookies will be deleted once you log out, but in some instances, they may persist to remember your preferred settings when you are not logged in.


  • This site is equipped with payment gateway options and certain cookies are necessary to retain your order information as you navigate through pages, enabling us to efficiently process it.

Login form

  • Cookies are used when you’re logged in to remember this, so you don’t have to log in repeatedly. The cookies are cleared or removed when you log out to secure restricted features and areas are only accessible while logged in.

Third Party Cookies

In certain instances, we utilize cookies supplied by trustworthy third parties. The section below outlines the third-party cookies that you may come across while using this website.

  • On this site, we utilize social media buttons and plugins that enable you to connect with your social media account in different ways. For these to function correctly, cookies will be set through our site that may be utilized to improve your profile on the social media site or contribute to the information they hold for various reasons outlined in their individual privacy policies.

  • Our affiliates promote us by placing advertisements, and the affiliate tracking cookies help us determine if our customers have arrived at our site through one of these affiliates. This enables us to properly credit them, and in some cases, allows our affiliate partners to offer you bonuses for making a purchase.

  • Our website utilizes Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity, a highly reputable and widely used analytics tool on the internet, to gain insight into your usage of the site and ways to enhance your experience. The cookies used by Google Analytics may keep track of the duration of your visit and the pages you browse, allowing us to continually create content that is engaging for you.

  • Refer to the official Google Analytics page for additional information regarding Google Analytics cookies.

  • We hope this explanation has cleared things up for you. As mentioned before, if you are uncertain about whether a cookie is necessary, it is generally safer to keep cookies enabled in case it affects any features you use on our site.

More Information

  • Hopefully, that has clarified things for you, and as was previously mentioned if there is something that you aren’t sure whether you need or not it’s usually safer to leave cookies enabled in case it does interact with one of the features you use on our site.

However, if you are still looking for more information then you can contact us at and in the top right corner click the Submit Ticket link and follow the instructions. Please note we don't use support email for security reasons.

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