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Content Questions

What type of content can I protect?

Shareio supports images, videos, audios, pdfs and ePub.

Why is my thumbnail not showing up?

As Shareio doesn't require any file upload so we need an image for displaying your image or our Marketplace or social media post.

Why is my content is not displaying?

Shareio relies on the cloud storage service to provide a valid url for us. Some of them don't provide a permanent link under a free tier. Shareio strongly advises you to make sure the service you use does provide a permanent link regardless of our internal checks. Another reason is that you have selected the wrong filetype to display. Shareio in some cases cannot detect the file type as we don't have your file so you must choose what file type you're sharing.

How can I add additional files to my content?

Shareio allows additional files including zips to be attached to the content and extracted and downloadable to your customers upon activation.

Can I restrict how long content can be seen for?

Shareio supports a range of DRM settings by allowing how long your content can be viewed by time or days or a set date. 

Can I restrict how much content can be seen till purchased?

Shareio can restrict how much of the content can be viewed such a start or end page of a PDF or start and end time of a video / music.

Content or thumbnail disappears?

If your content or thumbnail disappears then it highly likely that your cloud provider will have revoked access to the URL.

How do my customers view purchased content?

Your customers can login and view the content on to mobile, tablet and TV applications with the same login used to purchase the content or the content they subscribed to. The apps are available in Apple and Google app stores.

Can I sell porn or illegal content?
Shareio allows artistic nudity but we don't allow pornogrpahy or illegal content to be distributed. As we don't host your files please make sure your current cloud storage provider / service permits it. 

How do I submit a support ticket?
Please visit and in the top right corner click the Submit Ticket link and follow the instructions. Please note we don't use support email for security reasons.

Why do my content thumbnails takes along time to load?

As we don't store your content make sure the thumbnails are small in size so they can transfer faster.

How does Shareio empower the new generation of AI content creators?

The growth in AI creation has allowed creators to either become more of an expert in a vertical or move into different verticals, some examples.

  • A photographer can now use their photos on an AI creator video something that they may have not had the skills to do before. 

  • An author being able to create beautiful images using AI to enrich their subject matter to produce amazing online articles e.g. magazines.

  • A crypto expert being able to use AI to articulate their knowledge to produce training material.

  • A musician being able to use AI to produce cool new music videos and cover art.

As the growth in AI continues the content creation market is expected to grow significantly with a recent report by Goldman Sachs stating the market could reach half-a-trillion dollars ($500b) by 2027. The ability of content creators to enter new verticals allows Shareio's content and device agnostic approach to capture more revenue. The expected rebound of the blockchain sector will also fuel AI creators to want to create media rich limited edition versions of their work and the ability to allow customers differing ways to pay both in card or crypto. 

Crypto and NFT questions

What kind of content and size can I NFT?

Shareio can NFT any images, videos, audios, pdfs and ebooks of any size.

How can I check if my file has been minted?

After Shareio mints your file, you can go to EtherScan entry by clicking on your newly minted id under NFT tab.

What Crypto payments does Shareio accept?

For now just Ethereum but we will support others later in the year.


How much does Shareio charge?

For card transactions just 5% and for Crypto 2.5%

What Crypto payments does Shareio accept?

For now just Ethereum but we will support others later in the year.

Market Place

My content is not showing up on the Shareio Marketplace

Please check the Marketplace toggle is enable under advanced settings. Also, your content can get delisted if your thumbnail link is no longer valid. You will be notified if we lose connectivity with your content or the thumbnail. 


Shareio is not the only content monetization player in town but it's a game changer for a number of reasons that many others don't offer:

  • Content agnostic: Shareio supports multiple content types for multiple segments
  • Cloud agnostic: Shareio supports multiple cloud service / storage providers
  • Device agnostic: Shareio can viewed on any device phone, table, tv and web
  • Advanced DRM: Shareio has enterprise level DRM that many other don't
  • Crypto/card support: Shareio is the only tool that supports both card and crypto
  • Blockchain: Shareio allows content to be minted to the blockchain
  • Analytics: Shareio supports any analytics tool for detailed customer engagement
  • Payment types: Shareio support subscriptions or one-off payments

Other creator monetizations tools include Pateron, Youtube, Spotify, Substack, TikTok, Instagram, Udemy, POD Bean, eBlogger, Issuu, DailyMotion, Vimeo, SkillShare, Gaia and Audible. These platforms all share similar features:

  • One segment e.g education or podcasts
  • One content type e.g. Audio or Magazines
  • One activation type a paywall all or nothing
  • Limited DRM functionality binary activation on or off
  • Content has to be uploaded
  • Ad revenue so content can be demonitized easily
  • Limited embrace for Web3 technology (crypto/blockchain)

Due to the advanced functionality Shareio offers we see our competitors as ways of expanding your sales. Imagine each one of these competitors is a hook catching revenue would you rely on one hook or multiple ones to catch it?

Here's some examples:

  • A YouTube music video gets 200m hits which makes great Ad revenue but imagine in the description you have a behind the scenes version of the video with all the bloopers. Now let's imagine you charge $3 and say 5% of viewers click on the link and then 1% of them purchase it that makes an extra $300k revenue.

  • A vlogger has a patreon account if they wish to offer their followers additional content outside of the subscription model they can use a Shareio link.

  • An author selling a magazine on Issuu wants to sell a limited edition digital collectable version they can use Shareio to offer that service.

  • A crypto guru with millions of followers wants to promote a book which cannot be hosted on Instagram can use a Shareio URL directly in the post description.

  • A vegan chef with many followers on TikTok wants to monetize recipes in a magazine format can use the Shareio link directly in the post description.

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